With All My Soul

With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent It's time to say goodbye to Kaylee


The writing is excellent (as ever) and drew me quickly and deeply into the story. And what a story it is! It's packed with action, suspense, romance, a myriad of emotions... The situation has basically escalated to an all-out war against the hellions, and our young heroes have to face the demons representing avarice, envy and vanity. And then there's the powerful demon of wrath, Ira. What is he going to be, villain or ally?

All the characters have grown, but Kaylee especially has grown into an extraordinary young woman. She is intelligent, brave, resourceful and, above all, selfless and protective of those she loves. She does some wickedly smart thinking in this book! And some terribly reckless stunts, like summoning a hellion...

Every single one of the main characters has suffered, has experienced loss, betrayal, disappointment... Yet it has not destroyed them, it has made them stronger. I liked that we even got to see some of them as adults in the end.

The climax of the story is extremely intense, and unexpected like a punch to the stomach - brutal and painful, breath-taking, emotionally draining, but I couldn't stop reading. Hoping for a happy ending, however unlikely it seemed. (Whether there is one or not, I won't tell!) I never thought that the author would actually do this, but I applaud her for going there!


It's hard to say without spoiling the story for those of you who haven't read the book... Let's just say that one plan is thought through and set in motion, and then it just fizzles out and nothing ever comes from it. To me, it felt like it was only abandoned because the author wanted to arrive at a certain point in the story, not because it made real sense.

There are a few scenes that also didn't make sense to me: several of our main characters have to deal with their parents being in mortal danger, and yet, they do things like watch a movie, eat pizza and go to school. You'd think there would be more urgency, more despair, more determination to save them.


Despite its flaws, I absolutely love this book - in my opinion, it's the perfect finale to the whole story arch. The ending cleverly wraps up all the loose ends, answers all the questions and gives you some hints where the main characters are going to go from here. Very satisfying!