Dollhouse - Anya Allyn Gripping and haunting

Four teenagers take a long hiking trip through the wilderness for a school project: Cassie, Aisha, Lacey and Ethan. Cassie has a hard time taking her eyes of Ethan, whom she is madly in love with... The only problem with that is that he's Aisha's boyfriend. Tensions rise between the four, and after an argument, Aisha storms off on her own - and disappears.

What has happened to her? Has she met with an accident, has somebody kidnapped her? Soon, the police is combing through the forrest with increasing urgency, but without success. People start suspecting wild boy Ethan of killing his girlfriend... But why would he do that?

The three remaining friends take matters into their own hands. They expect to find Aisha dead somewhere, and maybe a clue to what happened to her. Little do they know that their investigation is going to lead them straight into a bizarre nightmare that they could never have imagined.


What starts out as a woeful portrayal of the aftermath of a young girl's disappearance turns into a creepy, haunting story that will keep you turning the pages, biting your nails. I didn't read the reviews before I read the book, so the twist caught me entirely by surprise... What really impressed me is how the author managed to create such a stunning tale of horror without gore or excessive violence. I will definitely read the rest of the trilogy!